Embedded finance: what the next wave of disruption looks like

You may have heard about embedded finance and banking as a service (BaaS), but is this relevant to you, as a product leader and strategic innovator in a SaaS business? In this webinar Weavr and leading digital innovation experts give an executive summary of this hot topic and answer questions from innovators looking at Embedded Finance as a solution.

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Webinar Agenda


In this webinar, we look at:

  • Leading examples of embedded finance success in the wild

  • Why B2B SaaS is being disrupted by embedded finance, and which verticals will see the fastest changes

  • Advice from innovation experts: is embedded finance something you should have on your product roadmap?


Recommended for B2B SaaS product managers and strategists who are actively exploring embedded finance or curious to understand what the opportunities are.




My project-1

Daniel Greiller

Chief Commercial Officer


My project (1)
Research Presenter

George Baily

Product Market Lead



Sophie Gibaud

Co-Founder Fiat Republic

Author of Embedded Finance: When Payments Become An Experience

Rick Farell

Rick Farrell

Design Partner and Founder

Thunk Ltd

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