A smarter way forward for B2B payments

A Smarter Way Forward-1

Efficiency, automation, and convenience are what businesses expect from their operations and technology these days. But are payment processes evolving as fast as businesses want?

In this report, you'll discover how embedding finance not only improves your overall SaaS platform experience but also enables you to monetise the money movements that now take place within it.

The report covers:

  • the B2B sectors that are early embedded finance adopters and which are next
  • how SaaS builders in the space are growing revenue by monetising new financial capabilities their customers love
  • what's needed to build embedded finance solutions into B2B SaaS applications
  • how Weavr's Plug-and-Plug Finance solution gets you to market faster and at a fraction of the cost of Banking as a Service


“Any business involved in payment flows should take advantage of the game-changing opportunity to own the payment process. Businesses that don’t take the step to becoming financially integrated will soon fall behind the competition.”
- Alex Mifsud (Weavr co-founder and CEO)

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