Embedded finance: bringing value into focus

Embedded finance- Bringing value into focus - hero

Embedded finance gives companies the opportunity to offer more relevant financial services to their customers, create customer stickiness and catalyse future growth.

In this paper, we articulate the value of embedded finance through the lens of industry leaders across the fields of fintech, banking and technology.

Key findings

  • Embedded finance is now mainstream
  • It creates much stickier SaaS platforms
  • But being a revenue multiplier is the stand-out benefit
  • There's a gold standard emerging in the industry


“Our vision is that most financial services are purchased and consumed through digital products and services that serve broader and more fundamental customer needs like health, education, work, family, and leisure. The focus will be more on the benefits of banking and less on the banking itself. You can get very creative by having banking disappear into the background".
- Alex Mifsud (Weavr co-founder and CEO)

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